HRVS-TX Soft-Starter for Medium Voltage Transformer

Up to 30MW, 15kV

Soft Starter for Transformers - eliminating Transformer Inrush Current

Solcon's latest development in the field of Medium Voltage Inrush current limiting technology.

The HRVS-TX is the ideal soft-starting solution for medium and low voltage transformers. The sophisticated TSR-6 transformer protection and control relay ensures the elimination of the magnetizing inrush current, thus, eliminates nuisance tripping as well as dynamic shock to the transformer windings. The starter can be supplied as IP31-67, NEMA 1-6X with options such as Line and Bypass vacuum contactors or circuit breakers, disconnect switches, main and control protection fuses, transformer protection relay, etc.

The uniquely inovative TSR-6, Transformer Starter Relay

HRVS-TX Advantages at a glance

  • TSR-6 Control and protection relay-the only relay of its kind
  • Heavy duty design at 50°C ambient temperature
  • Reduced inrush current and dynamic shock
  • Applicable models for any transformer
  • Optional protection package provides many features
  • Single and Multi transformer soft-starting
  • Transformer heat protection relay - optional
  • Communication - RS485 Modbus or Profibus
  • Unique starting characteristics
  • User friendly, easy setup and operation
  • IP31-standard, higher protection by special order
  • Phase shift transformer starting, unique technology
  • Innovative low voltage test modes
  • Advanced "wireless" Electronic Potential Transformer (optional)
  • Fault indication to each individual fuse
  • Each transformer starter is tested for Partial Discharge (Korona)
  • Wide 40-70Hz range for fluctuating frequency systems
  • Available as stand alone or Integratable with Solcon's
  • HRVS-DN medium and low voltage soft starters

Starting 6.5MVA Transformer Direct On line

Current in Amperes vs. Time in Seconds

4900A, for 2.5 seconds

Soft-Starting 6.5MVA Transformer

Current in Amperes vs. Time in Seconds

65A, for 0.2 seconds

The complete Set of the Medium Voltage Transformer Soft Starter

integrated with the TSR-6 into a second generation "All in one" unit.

Basic Block Diagram :