MPC 6/1 Miniature Motor Protection Controller

mpc-6Digital Motor Protection Controller

The MPC-6 is a new generation microprocessor based

Motor Protection Controller, allowing for Protection, Control, and Supervision for single motors or motors operating through Motor Control Centers (MCC). Providing economic solution for a complete range of motors, the MPC-6 saves MCC wiring and provides real-time intelligent protection and control for all motor drawers connected to the PLC compartment. Thus, provides a meaningful cost-effective olution.

The MPC-6 incorporates two main functions:

  1. Advanced, state of the art motor protection.
  2. Real time motor control, supervision and communication.

Advantages at glance

  • Full motor control via "dry" inputs or comm.
  • Clearly read LCD with full parameter display
  • Smallest to include display in the control unit
  • Excellent cost effective ratio
  • Din standard casing
  • Easy to install and simple to operate

Typical Wiring Diagram for MPC-6


Typical Installation in a Multi-Motor MCC